Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jagadish Chandra Bose

It's been a while since I recorded something for a Musician's Lounge contest, but finally I'm back at it. A power surge (I think) killed both my studio computer and my MOTU recorder a few weeks ago, so I recorded this one using a temporary setup that's a bit wonky in many ways. If it sounds a little off, that's why.

Anyway, the contest was to write a song about this guy Jagadish Chandra Bose, who was quite an interesting Indian dude. He worked in fields as diverse as botany and physics, helped with the development of radio, and is considered the father of Indian science fiction.


James said...

You know, I'm still listening to both The Scientist and Departures and I still think they're utterly brilliant. Are you doing any more stuff like that any time soon?

Also you didn't do any proper album art for them eventually, did you? I ended up making my own in the end...

And finally, the full version of 'Teabag' is monumentally awesome. Great stuff.

Dan Warren said...

Sorry for the slow reply! I didn't realize that I had comments set to be moderated before posting, and that blogger was helpfully not emailing me when new comments were awaiting moderation.

Yes there is indeed real album art for those two. Here's the scientist:

And here's Departures:


James said...

Brilliant, thanks Dan. The artwork for The Scientist is absolutely brilliant, by the way!

Dan Warren said...

Thanks! The front was painted by Dan Lacey, the back was by Ainsley Seago. Both are just awesome.