Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obama project Chapter 8 - Restoration

Here's a first take on the music for Chapter 8 of the Obama Project. In this chapter, our hero Stanley realizes that he has the same ability to create as his father, and decides to rebuild the post-apocalyptic world and resurrect all the people who were killed when the world ended. However, he finds himself unable to keep the story simple once people are involved.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Some spaghetti western music

This just sort of happened while I was trying to write some music for the seventh chapter of the Obama project. It really didn't fit the story, though, so I decided to nix it. It's kinda neat-sounding, though, so here it is. The intent was to change the melody up a bit more, but I basically abandoned it and moved on to something else before I got around to that.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Obama project chapter 4 - The Decline

I've finally gotten words and music together for Chapter 4 of the Obama project. This chapter begins shortly after Stanley's mother leaves him. He spends a few years wandering the world, and sees that the world is a violent and unhappy place. Then he hears the sound of the horns and drums that mark the coming of the final war, and is confronted by a cult of children that are desperately trying to put the world back on track before it is destroyed. Stanley fails to take any action, though, and at the end is left standing there waiting for the world to end. In Chapter 5 (already posted), it does.