Saturday, October 25, 2003

Random Personal Picture Finder (tm)

A really simple idea. It generates random picture names in the formats used by a bunch of different digital cameras and plugs them into the Google Image Search. Gives you an intimate peek into the lives of a bunch of strangers.

I hit the button a few times and saw people getting married, babies being born, somebody's graduation, and beautiful places that I've never visited. There was one directory that was all pictures someone took of the World Trade Center attack. Very strange, to think that I'm seeing through the eyes of someone who was standing right there. Makes it a bit more personal, especially contrasted with all of the photographs of happy occasions that came up alongside it.

It's also really amazing to realize how many people there actually are in the world. All these people have their own huge milestones in life that are invisible to those outside of their circle of family and friends, things that seem big from the inside and tiny from without. Makes your own life seem rather smaller in comparison.

Man, do I feel like Doogie Howser right now.

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